Walkact 'The Time Machine Travellers'

Is time travel really possible? Was Einstein right all along? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could zap yourself back to the past or into the future with a flip of a switch? The Time Machine Travellers show that anything and everything is possible!

This time travelling two-some, who have their origins in the silent movie period of the 1920s, have already completed many journeys through time with their self-built time machine. Time and again as they land in different periods and epochs,  they are stunned and amazed at what they find there. Luckily, they have recorded their adventures on photo and film. So, if you don’t believe it? Look through their timeviewers and see for yourself !

Please note, The Time Machine Travellers are gone again in a blink of an eye because…time flies!


Practical information

- This ambulant  act is suitable for  festivals and other events.

- The act is non-spoken. Because the act is rooted in the time of the silent movies, the spoken word is not used and makes the act ideal for international audiences.

- The act is intended for all kinds of target groups, for example young and old.

Illumination: The act can be independantly lit so the Time Machine Travellers fit perfectly  in illuminated evening events and light festivals.

- We can put the whole act in three suitcases of max. 23 kilos, so it can easily be transported by plane.