The Mechanical Horse

A mechanically driven horse and an actor; together they form the eye-catcher: The ‘Mechanical Horse’.

Inspired by the books of Jules Verne  the mobile horse is equipped with nostalgic styled technology.

The pulleys, wheels and gears make sure that everything is moving and operates. Even the head of the horse is moving up and down!


Briess huhhuhh…smoke from the nostrils. All sorts of hidden electronic gadgets give THE MECHANICAL HORSE its own character and most distinctive traits. While he snorts and neighs he let something  drop at inopportune moments..flatzz…


On THE MECHANICAL HORSE… a member of the mounted police. He carries out his instructions conscientiously, so look out that you don’t get a fine! He will regulate the traffic on his own way, can do an alcohol- or safety control, is searching for suspects or will perform other police duties. And that promotion…one day he will get it!



Practical information